Find Your Fit: What's My Body Type?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and determining how to measure your specific body type is key to figuring out the best, most comfortable way to dress.

The truth is, it would be inaccurate to assume that everybody can use the same size guide for one clothing item. We don't compare apples to oranges. Thus, we won't compare one body type to another, ever.

This is why it's essential to have a keen understanding of your unique body and build.

Body measurements can be broken down into four central measurements: shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. You either can eyeball or use a tape measure to determine which radius is most prominent, and which is more petite. These measurements can help to inform your overall body shape and promote a healthy self-image. Although we often want to categorize body types into one of the four categories, it’s not even possible to write yourself off as just one of these shapes. Most likely, you’re actually an original, happy, and healthy combination of two or more!

To understand and love your body thoroughly, we're breaking it down.

Below are a few brief descriptions of the five body types mentioned above:

Hourglass: With the hips and bust measuring similarly and size and narrower waist in the middle, the hourglass shape does well with body-hugging, tighter garments and elongated pieces, such as flare pants.

Pear: The shoulders are often the narrower measurement between hips and bust in a pear shape. Often, the shape can be balanced by a flowing top or skirt.

Inverted Rectangle: The shoulders are the widest area of the body in this shape, while hips seem to shrink into the background. Wearing curvy, tight-hugging jeans is key for this body type.

Rectangle: The rectangular type has a boyish, undefined hip circumference with a heavier measurement around the stomach and bust. Your most prominent feature is your bustier area.

Apple: Last, but most DEFINITELY not least, is the apple. The apple is perhaps one of the most natural body shapes to define, as it takes the form of a round definition and the widest circumference is often near the stomach area.

After defining a body type, or a combination of a few, we find it easier to not only see the most optimal way to dress but also to possess positive body image. For example, if your hips are your widest asset (no pun intended) and your bust is your smallest, you may consider the pear family. Thus, a bell bottom or wide leg denim will help to add balance to your booty. Alternatively, if your chest is the widest measurement and your hips are quite small, pairing loose, flowy tops with a bootcut or skinny jeans is a great way to feel at ease in your outfit.

Having a clear idea of your body type promotes confidence in self-image and in the way you choose to dress. Of course, no single shape is better than another, and, no style of dressing is right or wrong.

After all, this is about how you feel, and what makes you feel more you!