From one curvy girl to another

I’m Jules, founder of FitPolitique.

Like many women, I want an easy and comfortable wardrobe that is super stylish. I am a tall, curvy girl and it’s been a struggle to find bottoms that fit my curves AND are the right length. Is that too much to ask? NO WAY!

FitPolitique was born from countless frustrating shopping trips that ended in bottoms that didn’t look or feel quite right and tops and jackets that weren’t made for my body.

So, I took a hiatus from my corporate life to start a custom denim company in Chicago and my passion for great fitting (and stylish) clothing began. Fast forward to today and, after years of learning (and obsessing) about patterns, fabric and style, FitPolitique Foundations offers the very best wardrobe pieces to build your closet for your amazing curves and any height you are. FINALLY.

FitPolitique Foundations can be worn in different combinations each day paired with your favorite shoes and accessories! Stylish basics that fit with the rest of your wardrobe.

I am a regular woman, just like you. I live in Austin, Texas with my sweet pup, Coco. When not working I love to spend time with friends and family, do something creative, read, organize, shop and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Productivity is a passion and finding things that make life a little easier is one of my favorite things. Creating a better fitting wardrobe has been part of that passion - seeing women put on our clothes for the first time and realize what better fitting really feels like has been amazing. FitPolitique makes getting dressed a little easier by providing clothes that were made for you! 

Thank you for stopping by because you belong here!