Brand Ambassadors

What’s a brand ambassador?

FitPolitique Brand Ambassadors receive discounted or complimentary FitPolitique clothing in exchange for sharing FitPolitique with your community or social media following.

This is not multi-level marketing, rather a brand strategy to introduce women to FitPolitique’s Better Fitting pants, denim and leggings. Discounts start at 25% and go up from there depending on the following you share with or sales at your trunk show.  Fill out the form below to learn more!

There are a couple of ways to share:

Personal ambassador

Wear the clothes, share the brand and receive discounted (or complimentary) clothing based on sales generated by you.

Trunk shows

Gather a group of women, provide a few snacks and beverage of choice and FitPolitique will do the rest!  Discounts are available to Trunk Show hosts after $1000 in sales.

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